A Prophecy foretold that one day the swirling terror that had been the sky above, for so many generations, would one day clear.The Children of the Star-Father would dance along the naked firmament. A night to rejoice, for it would be the First True Night in centuries. From the Heavens, the Star-Father and his Angels would descend in their Flying Cities to purge the Daemons and Heretics from the planet. The Righteous would be rewarded with a new life in the Sky Cities. The loving embrace of the Sky-Father would welcome all those faithful.

While many view it as a fable of hope only to be told to children to assure them that life could get better than the living hell in which they currently reside. The Prophecy is the basis for the Sky Father religion. When the skies DID clear many skeptics found a sudden religious fervor to preserve their souls.

Welcome to Ragnarok

Desperate Alliances

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