Cyrus Artūras


Elite Advance
Untouchable (300xp):
• Can no longer gain the Psyker trait for any reason.
• Gains the Resistance (Psychic Powers) talent.
• Fellowship characteristic always counts as one-half (rounding up) its value for tests or other game usage. When interacting with anyone who has a psy rating or the Psyniscience skill, the Fellowship characteristic counts as 1.
• Can never gain nor benefit from the positive effects of Psychic Powers or any other related unnatural talents, traits, or abilities that call on the Warp for power.
• Automatically ignores any effects resulting from Psychic Phenomena, and gains a +30 bonus on any tests to resist effects from a Perils of the Warp result.

Characteristic Advances:
Intelligence (Basic, Intermediate) (350xp)

Medicae (100xp)
Tech Use (250xp)


Cyrus Artūras

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